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RealtySouth Relocation Services, Inc. appreciates this important opportunity to submit our comprehensive relocation program to your company. We feel that the relocation service is one of the most important elements of an employee benefit package. We recognize that it can influence your ability to hire the most qualified individuals; impact employee retention; manage reductions in staff; improve morale of the employee in the new location; and it is a major cost component of your benefits program. For this reason, we take our services very seriously.

Below you will find detailed information explaining how we will design a comprehensive –– yet cost effective –– relocation program for your company. Furthermore, we will provide insight into our business practices, and how we propose to develop a mutually beneficial partnership with your company to promote your program’s cost effectiveness –– while offering the highest possible level of service to your employees.

  • Real Estate Disposition Services
    Most corporations using RealtySouth Relocation’s real estate disposition services have evaluated their relocation benefits package and concluded their previous “reimbursement” policy was an ineffective way to manage their employees time and their company’s relocation dollar. Many (if not most) companies today rely on one of the following two programs for handling the disposition of an employees old home – BVO Closing Assistance or a Home Purchase Program.

  • Buyer Value Option
    This service can be provided with or without the benefit of our Marketing Assistance Program. Either way, RealtySouth Relocation will effectively coordinate the closing of a sale once the employee obtains an acceptable third-party contract. We conveniently and efficiently manage the closing process with: title companies; attorneys; or other closing media. We will also calculate the employee’s equity –– including any reimbursable closing costs.

    This service provides a notable convenience to the employee by streamlining the closing and expense reimbursement process –– while saving your company both “hard” and “soft” dollars by eliminating the need for (the employee to) travel back to the old location to attend the closing. Furthermore, the program offers an alternative to direct reimbursement and when developed and implemented appropriately, can save your company significant dollars on tax gross-ups.

  • Home Purchase Program
    In the event you have some employees who cannot sell their homes in the time frame required for job efficiency, we can help by providing a Home Purchase Program. We can provide a high quality, cost effective Home Purchase Program for your employees that will control home disposition costs, while allowing your employee to focus exclusively on their new job!

  • Marketing Assistance
    Our Marketing Assistance Program assists employees who are either ineligible for our Home Purchase Assistance Program, or are required by your policy to attempt an “employee generated sale” to prevent an “inventory” transaction. The program will save your company significant relocation dollars.

    Experience has shown that when employees take an active role in the selling process of their home, their “comfort level” with the entire relocation process is enhanced –– while your company saves 40-60% of your relocation costs compared to traditionally managed home purchase programs.

  • Equity Advanced Program
    Equity can be made available to your employees in accordance with your company’s relocation policy. With all required financial data (lender information, etc.), the counselor will typically have the employee’s equity available in 72 hours of eligibility! We can wire transfer the funds to an account or send a check via overnight delivery.

  • Policy Administration and Consultation
    For the employee, upon notification of a move, the counselor will promptly make contact and provide personalized, full policy consultation. All eligible services and programs provided by your company’s relocation policy will be discussed.

    Additionally, for the company, we will provide on-going policy consulting, analysis and where necessary, development to ensure that your policy continues to meet your relocation objectives and remains cost effective.

  • Homefinding Assistance
    Most employees are reluctant to begin making preparations to depart the old location without having the peace of mind in knowing they have another “home” waiting at their destination. Therefore, we have designed our Homefinding Assistance Program to assist the employee in finding the right home, at the right price, in a community which fits the family’s lifestyle.

    We begin by completing:
    • A needs analysis of the family –– focusing on the appropriate housing, communities and their financial capabilities
    • Identifying housing requirements and their socio-economic concerns
    • A complete coordination of the homefinding tour –– at the employee’s option.

This program eases the frustration inherent in the homesearch process and saves your company money by reducing costs associated with: lost productivity time, reimbursement costs associated with temporary living, duplicate housing, extended automobile rentals and house-hunting trips. You will also find that a prudent purchase can minimize a future loss-on-sale when the employee is transferred again.

  • Moving Household Goods
    Our household goods services are quite comprehensive and will benefit your company by way of competitive pricing advantages and high quality service guarantees. We rely upon a variety of national transportation service providers –– all of which are subjected to a rigorous selection process, including: major van lines, self-drive carriers, specialty carriers (i.e., car haulers, boats, pets, etc.) and international forwarders.

  • Expense Management
    RealtySouth Relocation can administer a relocation expense policy and reimbursement program (including Lump Sums) in accordance with your company’s relocation policy. We can manage your employee’s expenses and will be responsible for keeping current on IRS tax laws and regulations to ensure compliance for your company and the employee.

  • Temporary Living Assistance
    Our Temporary Living Assistance Program provides short and long term housing needs for the relocating employee and their family. The program is for employees on temporary assignments or when experiencing a delay establishing permanent residence at the new location.

  • Cost of Living Information
    Our Cost of Living Analysis Reports are typically used as a tool in calculating differentials paid to the employee. We offer Cost-of-Living Analysis Reports for both domestic and international locations. Detailed cost information is tailored to income level, specific communities, housing characteristics and family size.

  • Rental Assistance
    Sometimes renters take a “backseat” in relocation programs and benefits. At RealtySouth Relocation, that simply will not happen – your employees electing to rent receive comprehensive, personalized services. They will address the unique concerns and issues confronting renters.

    A local rental specialist will conduct a rental search based on the employee’s criteria and personally escort the employee to select properties. Your employee will be thrilled with this custom, personalized service.

  • Mortgage Assistance
    RealtySouth Relocation is pleased to offer an excellent mortgage program in cooperation with our affiliated partners. The counselor will provide the employee personal guidance on how to determine the best type of new loan to seek and how to prepare for the application process.

Additional Services:

  • Recruiting Assistance
  • Group Move Coordination
  • Travel Assistance
  • Area Tours



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