Relocation Moving Service



Our household goods services are quite comprehensive and will benefit your company by way of competitive pricing advantages and high quality service guarantees. We rely upon a variety of national transportation service providers all of which are subjected to a rigorous selection process, including: major van lines, self-drive carriers, specialty carriers (i.e., car haulers, boats, pets, etc.) and international forwarders.

A summary of this program's conveniences include:

  • Dedicated counseling and policy administration
  • Development of household goods moving policy and policy bench marking
  • Selection of qualified carriers, based on geographic expertise and proven track record (only 20% of all carriers meet our stringent criteria)
  • Monitored supplier/carrier performance
  • Detailed invoice auditing and claim administration
  • National contracts with household goods providers to ensure real cost competitiveness (not sales gimmicks offering percentage discounts off of inflated tariff rates) and service guarantees.

A summary of this program's pricing benefits include:

  • Discount of 52-58% off of current tariff rates
  • Discount of 35% of Storage in Transit
  • Full value protection of up to $75,000 at $3.50/lb.
  • Waived Peak Season" surcharge

We will professionally and efficiently coordinate the shipment of your employee's personal belongings and household goods in accordance with your company's specific policy. Furthermore, we will pass the service and financial advantages of our superior rate structures, focus on quality and industry expertise to your company. We have established partnerships with all major van lines and always select the one best suited for each employee's specific individual move.

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