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Alabama Realtor Serves the Front Lines at Harlem Hospital, NYC

Location: Harlem Hospital, 506 Lenox Ave, New York, NY 10037

Alabama realtor, Stephanie Stover, left her hometown of Gardendale, AL to serve on the front lines in the Harlem Hospital in New York City. Stephanie has been a real estate agent for 13 years, and a Registered Nurse for six years. RealtySouth had a chance to catch up with her while in NYC. "I have always juggled both my nursing and real estate careers for years. I love them both as they are both rewarding and allow me to help people," says Stephanie. Stephanie is serving at the Harlem Hospital in downtown New York, which is a level 1 trauma center and teaching hospital, like where she was educated and practices at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). When she was asked to help in NYC, there was no thinking about it - it was a definite "yes." She is committed to serve April 7, 2020 through June 3, 2020. Stephanie left behind her husband and children while she helps the community that surrounds the Harlem Hospital.

"My husband is such a great supporter of mine and has definitely been in my corner cheering me on. He has been playing mom and dad, and is doing an incredible job, so much so, that the kiddos don't really seem like they're missing me too much. Which makes this easier because "mom guilt" is real," shares Stephanie.

Sstover with PPE

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What was the catalyst that sparked her to return to her nursing profession and head to NYC? Stephanie shares that as a nurse, you are always wanting to help others and with all that is going on with COVID-19 this just magnified her calling to the Big Apple.

Why NYC? Stephanie has visited New York City and has always loved it. Stephanie says: "New Yorkers are so resilient and tough, and during this time their communities are leaning on one another for help and reassurance that this will all be over soon. They have been so very welcoming, and I cannot tell you how amazing the people have been while I have been here. Everywhere you go, someone is telling you how much you mean they appreciate our help, or they offer us food or drinks, it is definitely something I wasn't expecting. The love is felt throughout the city, and I am very proud to be doing my part in helping NYC to get through this trying time."

We asked if she knew anyone there and where is she staying for the extended time: "Yes, I worked at UAB with Megan Drummons for years. We both felt driven to serve in NYC. We got lucky and were assigned to the same hotel, the same assignment and shifts. It was definitely a God thing. She left her family behind as she too felt driven to head to New York City to help. We both lost our parents at young ages and wanted to be a light of hope for our patients here in NYC and provide a voice for them," Stephanie shares with a smile.

What about returning to her real estate career back home? Stephanie said with enthusiasm, "Absolutely!" I am hopeful that once everything returns to normal that the Alabama market thrives like never before. I am ready for it!"


Contact: Jennifer Causey, Director of Marketing

June 2020