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150 Top Alabama Realtors Collectively Adopt an Apartment to Graciously House Families for a Year

Apartment Location: Jemison Flats Apartment #406, 1827 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

Gifts are special and this one will positively impact many patients and their families for an entire year. In lieu of a trophy or other tangible item, the 150 RealtySouth Top Producers collectively gathered the celebratory funds and made a significant contribution which allowed them to adopt an apartment in their honor which will be sustainable for an entire year.  The decision was easy once the impact was identified. The nonprofit organization, Red Mountain Grace, was founded locally in 2013, and since has served over 350 patients and guests who are receiving medical treatment in Birmingham, AL. This successful group started with 2 apartments and now have 22 to serve patients in the Magic City. “The average stay is 47 days, and we rarely see any of the locations available for more than a day or two. Most of our patients are here for heart or lung transplants other risky surgeries, making it a real challenge to families outside a commutable distance from the hospital,” shares Lizzi Wilkerson, the nonprofit Executive Director.  “We are thrilled that these wonderful RealtySouth top agents have made such a contribution.”
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On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, at the Haven in downtown Birmingham, with more than 400 agents in attendance, and over 320 individual awards, the 2018 Top Producer group was the last to share the stage. Following a heartfelt and emotional speech from Stacey Booth, a brief video, and words from the Red Mountain Grace leadership and breast cancer patient, Jeannie McKay, it was evident that these special Top Producers had made a significant impact across Alabama. “The Red Mountain Grace team revealed the Jemison Flats apartment to us, explaining it is fully furnished and equipped with a secure parking deck, onsite gym, wifi café, down to the laundry detergent - so we knew at that very moment our contribution sponsored a furnished loft downtown, with a view of Pizitz’s Building, walking distance to other amenities would make it comfortable for a long term stay family,” shared Top Producer Helen Drennen, from the Mountain Brook Village office. “Meeting these families was humbling and it must be so difficult to find housing at a moment’s notice. We all look forward to helping many more sweet families over the year,” Helen added.

As the Top Producers crossed the stage they were greeted by a family who received housing from Red Mountain Grace, and each agent was given a box cinched with a shiny red ribbon and labeled Apartment Adoptee’s Toolkit. Inside a token key to commemorate each agent of their generous gift, a full-page photo-filled description of their adopted apartment, photos of patients and family testimonials, tips on how to enjoy more giving like meal preparation, or holiday gifts, recovery items, and more. The award-winning nonprofit keeps each realtor informed of their adopted apartment experiences via a monthly newsletter and is responsive to any questions or fulfilment 365 days a year.  Richard Grimes, RealtySouth’s President & CEO was in awe as he said: “There were a few dry eyes in the room, but not many. All of our agents treat one another and their clients and communities like family so this collective donation is another reason why our agents are so passionate and caring in all that they do. This is RealtySouth.”

150 Top Producer Apartment Adopters

Stephanie Robinson; Fred Smith; Mimi Nolen; Shauna Wesson; Mike Wald; Brian Boehm; Helen Drennen; Julie Kim; Tempie Sharley; Matthew Calhoun; Kristen Mcgee; Steve Buchanan; Melanie Siow; Kelli Gunnells; Susie Helton; Scott Ford; Langston Hereford; Liz Cleckler; Merry Leach; Lee Marlow; Natalie Bass; Chris Lee; Jana Hanna; Scott Boudreaux; Becky Tucker; Matthew Lepore; Carey Martin Donaldson; Amy Lawson; Sandy Reeves; Lee Marks; Cindy Porter; Candace Smith; Jana Woodruff; Ryan Shoemaker; Phyllis Alldredge; Teresa Ellard; Laurie Valentine; Caroline Ezelle; John Franklin; Jason Coy Turner; Carl Rhodes; Cindy Mangos; Joe Falconer; Bert Siegel; Debbie Catanzano; Katherine Allison; Brad Clement; Karol Kirby; Debra Horton; Joe Rhodes; Gwen Vinzant; Jimbo Kidd; Anna Fowler; Carol Bailey; Kathy Harris; Robert Russom; Kelli Bell; Betty Coe; Pat Morgan;Justin Rivers; Teresa Steffens; Bobby Tapley; Martha Hiden; James Faulkner; Joyce Watson; Emily Getty; Rebekah Eaton; Ty Elliott; Scott Perry; Teresa Tanner; Anna Lu Hemphill; Amanda Dabbs; Rosemary Weed; Tom Sartain; Shanna Killings; Peggy Hall; Lauren Murphree; Justin Harbin; Liz Phillips-Guest;Katherine Smith; Johnny Pate; Melissa Wise; Laurie Trimm; Daphne Curtis; Robin Owings;Ellen Sharley Melville; Susette Clark-Walker; Dawn Jenkins; Dana Norton; Ed Sanders; Mary Stephenson; Ashley Lewis;Hayden Wald; Cissy Schmidt; Gwen Brannum; Matt Robinson; Chris Christian; Lisa Holmes; Nick Higdon; Francine Swarts; Sheila Marbut; Sandy Pate; Kerri Culotta; Ally Hogan; Kathy Cooner; Meg Mccarthy; Ron Comer; Sherry Best; Chris Wood; Amber Darnell; Tammy Mularski; Mallory Chambers; Rachel Kim; Dana Patterson; Dana Garvin; Eileen Watkins; Karrie Henderson; Jacque Bailey; Sylvia Crawford; Tina Harris; Janice Eddings; Rebecca Scott; Frankie Gettings; Susan Burdine; Kathy Overfelt; Gary Delamar; Scott Hanson; Tonya Tankersley; Pete Bernier; Kelly Bozeman; Patsy Wagenfuehr; Cameron Brooks; Susie Denson; Lannette Thomas; Sally Bergquist; Kay Hagood; Carol Waites; Isabelle Lawson; Jennifer Carns Tarr; Bill Dyas; Jennifer Bryant; Kay Smith; Trish Leverett; Emily Wood; Catherine Pewitt; Erin Johnson; Freda York; Peter Burge; Marilyn Seier; Debbie Seale.


Contact: Jennifer Causey, Director of Marketing

March 2020