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REALTOR® Checklist for Success Steps

Date originally published: January 18, 2018 

It’s not too late to start off on the right foot. Have you reached out to follow up with your clients? Do you have a plan of action for the month, for the year? A to-do list can come in handy for organizing and prioritizing your tasks. We have a checklist for success for real estate agents, brokers and realtors alike because we appreciate the time and steps that go into your business. Agents, are you checking off your list for the new year?

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1. Do I have a list of friends, family and past clients with their name, email cell phone and mailing address? If not, get it done in the next 10 days. Take any holiday cards you received and update your database with those names and addresses first.


2. Call and/or text all my friends, family and past clients to wish them a Happy New Year by the end of January. Remind them if there is ever anything I can do for them, their family or their friends in 2018 I am here to help and I really appreciate their referrals. I’m going to update my contact list in Xpressdocs and plan my occasional correspondence throughout 2018.


3. Clean my desk/work space both at home and at the office. Throw everything away I have not touched in the last 60 days. All that stuff is just a distraction taking my focus away from what I need to be doing to succeed. If I need something I can use Google to find it…I don’t need to keep that stuff.


4. Clean my email and empty my inbox. Make a commitment to go home every day with my inbox empty. Do it, delegate it or delete it. My inbox is not my to-do list.


5. Dial in my schedule for the year. My schedule is the road map to my success. If it is not on my schedule, it is not going to happen. If I do not operate from a schedule, I am doomed to failure.


6. Create a system for my to-do list if I don’t already have one. Example: Use a journal, outlook, day timer or Google. If I do not have a system to write down and prioritize what I need to do every day, it is not going to happen. My mind is meant for creating ideas – not storing them.


7. Is my photo and bio updated on Would I contact me to buy or sell a home based on what I see and read? Prospective buyers and sellers are going to check you out on the RealtySouth website. Would I list my home with me?


8. Google my name – click the links and make sure it’s what I want my prospective customers to know about me…it’s what they are going to do before they call me. Remember they aren’t going to just click on what I want them to – they’re going to click on what you don’t want them to see. Facebook, Instagram, Zillow


9. What is my monthly marketing plan for 2018? If it is not done, do it in the next 10 days. If I fail to plan, I plan to fail.


10. Set my database up with an automatic drip marketing campaign in rDesk.


11. Am I ready to go on a listing or buyer presentation tomorrow? If not, get them dialed in and ready to go. If I don’t have them, I will not get the opportunities. Failing to be prepared is setting myself up for failure.


12. I will only take 6 percent on all listings in 2018 and I will not cut my commission…I am worth it!


13. Establish one simple, new positive habit. Commit to it. Be consistent.

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