Seller Tips

Seller Tips

Imagine how many homes an agent sees in a month - they have their eyes on everything. Our RealtySouth agents are experts at selling homes, so consider taking their advice to heart. Homes that stand out often get noticed faster when they are amongst others in a similar price range. Why? Because it's the first impressions that last. Some of our agent tips are below.


People need to connect with a home. Show and tell your agent the most important features of the home, describe what makes it special or unique. Maybe it's the oversized kitchen, or the shady back yard, the new deck, maybe the long driveway, the fresh upgrades to the master bath, the warmth of the sun in the breakfast nook, or the convenience of the washer and dryer. The neighborhood attributes, location, and proximity are often important, describe them to your agent.


Clean up, fix up or toss out.

Exterior: It starts at the curb! Buyers drive by a home in the morning, during the day, and at night, on weekdays and weekends.

Bright and light: Open up the space by removing extra collectibles, minimizing the photos and art on the walls, keep the kitchen and bath surfaces clean and bare, tidy up the closets, make sure all lights turn on and bulbs are working in fixtures, straighten up the pantry and bookshelves - do what it takes to bring the light inside the home.

Invite them inside: Place a nice plant or two on the front porch, near the mailbox, or in the kitchen window. Make sure all odors are eliminated.

Staging: Talk to your trusted agent to help you prepare for the photographer and the property tours.