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Why Live in Downtown Birmingham, Alabama?

Date originally published: May 1, 2018




While some people opt for suburban life, there are actually many pros to living in the city. Many people may choose to live either “over the mountain” or north, south, east or west of Birmingham for a number of reasons including for family and having a backyard, to name a couple. Living closer to Downtown Birmingham comes with a host of perks you may not even realize. Live. Work. Play.


Downtown Birmingham Renaissance

The comeback has been happening. Downtown Birmingham encompasses the north side, where our new RealtySouth Downtown Birmingham office resides, and Southside where UAB reigns.

Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods are rich with historical significance and today it’s booming with resurgence. The city has experienced a revitalization over the last fifteen years and the momentum hasn’t stopped.

Can you believe the downtown Theater District used to have 27 theaters within a five-block radius many, many years ago during the time of silent films and vaudeville shows? Today, this area hosts the Sidewalk Film Festivaland the renowned Lyric and Alabama theaters. Our local McWane Science Center lives here as well, which hosts monthly “after dark” events for adults to explore the educational attraction.

Loft District – The Birmingham Historic Loft District is 2nd Avenue N; bordered by 1st Avenue N and 3rd Avenue N and by 21st Street and 24th Street.

Theater District – Home to The Alabama Theatre, Lyric Theatre and Red Mountain Theatre Company on 3rd Avenue N.




Financial District – Where the Financial Center stands on 5th Avenue N.

Civil Rights District – Covering a six-block radius, several significant events in the ‘Civil Rights Movement’ of the 1950s and 1960s took place in this area of town. Home of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, Civil Rights Institute and Kelly Ingram park.

Uptown Entertainment District – Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N brings another dose of culture to the city. Uptown Birmingham has a selection of restaurants, the BJCC event venue and Topgolf.

Innovation (Entrepreneurial) District – The Innovation Depot, located on 16th St N, is the beating heart of this section of town. Innovation Depot is a tech hub that’s home to a number of start-ups in the tech field.

Live Closer to Work

Lots and lots of companies and businesses operate downtown, so chances are very high you may already work here or surely know someone who works here. While most people opt for living outside the city limits and commuting into the city for their jobs, you’ll get to experience being just minutes away from work. Plenty of people would love to be able to say that.

Working downtown exposes you to the culture and entertainment. Leaving work for a lunch break allows you to try out an array of restaurants around the corner or you can stop by home on your break. Living closer to work can mean the world when it’s where you spend eight hours out of the day, give or take. Just sayin’!



No Long Commute

This clearly relates to living closer to work. Not having to worry about long commutes means you won’t have to guess-timate and factor in all the extra time for traffic. When you leave your loft headed to work, or travel from work to an event elsewhere downtown, there’s a good chance you’ll be in better shape than someone who has to travel from outside the city. Can you imagine how much of our lives commuting consumes?

We’re on the path of making Birmingham a more environment-conscious and healthier city. Our warm weather provides the perfect excuse and opportunity to walk or bike to work and around the city, should you like. From restaurants to parks to hang-out spots, just about everything’s within walking distance.

Nightlife & entertainment in Downtown Birmingham

This puts the “play” in the mantra of “live, work, play” for the city of Birmingham. Being in such close proximity to music venues, clubs, bars, museums, professional baseball and surrounding college sports is an added bonus to living downtown. The recent Zyp BikeShare allows you to explore the city on two wheels for up to 45 minutes before returning to a nearby bike station. Just as you can jog in Railroad Park, visit the Alabama Sports Hall of FameBirmingham Civil Rights InstituteBirmingham Museum of Art or visit the farmer’s market at Pepper Place one Saturday…there’s plenty of entertainment at nightfall.

Southside — or Five Points South — is a neighboring area of town and a hot spot for your nightclubs and late-night social bars. Black Market Bar & Grill offers a hang-out spot, trivia night, food in an “eclectic atmosphere of comic book, b-movie and punk rock décor.” This is the spot for music lovers. Dive bar The Nick has hosted many famous bands, like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Maroon 5, Kings of Leon, Weezer, Alabama Shakes, Little Big Town just to name some.



Another neighboring area of town is Lakeview, a bustling spot for retail, design, food, festivals and outdoor dining. How awesome it would be to have TrimTab Brewing company, 70s, 80s and 90s dance music, tapas and Locked In: The Birmingham Escape Room all within walking distance on the strip.

Work typically ends at 5 p.m. and the lively social scene gets started with brews, cocktails, music and entertainment in store for residents and all. When people think of nightlife in Birmingham, downtown is the happening spot.

Just some of the music and entertainment venues:

Food in Downtown Birmingham

Birmingham is becoming known for its food — rightfully so. Living downtown plants you smack dab in the center of local restaurant heaven with a carousel of options, whatever you’re in the mood for. There’s a slew of breweries, restaurants and coffee shops.

Our Highlands Bar and Grill has been featured in more than 30 publications, such as the New York Times and Esquire. If you have a penchant for classic French technique in your dining experience with a Southern flare, Highlands delivers. The menu changes daily with an elegant ambiance.



 On the north side of town near the Theater District and Loft District, enjoy Mexican cuisine at El Barrior, tapas and win at The Wine LoftCarrigan’s Pub, Southern mainstays at Yo’ Mama’s and the best creamy grits at Urban Standard. The popular Pizitz Food Hall brings worldwide eating to the ‘Ham. Find burgers, Ethiopian, Italian, Israeli, Mexican, Himalayan, Hawaiian, French, Indian and soul food all within this umbrella eatery.

A list of cuisines ranging from sports bar to the fanciest of dishes can give you at least ten good reasons alone for why you’d want to live nearby.

Real Estate Appreciation

New businesses and public spaces are opening in Birmingham. Construction is a constant occurrence around these parts. Commercial real estate growth has contributed to the overall real estate appreciation here. Capital investments in the city has resulted in job opportunities. Additions such as the recent Publix grocery store are examples of development which lead to real estate appreciation. More condos and lofts are becoming available downtown, which means your piece of property in the growing machine that’s Magic City is going up. Think about it. Consider investing in your community, in your city – ultimately in yourself.

Condo & Loft Living in Downtown Birmingham

High ceilings, open concept, an aesthetic of exposed brick and space. Living in a loft apartment gives you open space and that can be calming. Downtown condos and lofts have character and they’re quite stylish. The appeal and beauty of a loft apartment for many is how you can make a vast amount of open space anything you want it to be.




There’s a sense of freedom and openness that comes with a contained space with no walls or doors or other closed off rooms. Should you choose to bring in furniture or door substitutes to make your condo or loft your very own – you can! It’s customizable in a way a traditional apartment flat isn’t. You have the perks of community amenities that come with an apartment, but with the satisfaction of owning your space.

Access to Surrounding Neighborhoods & Cities

• Highland Park
• Lakeview
• Forrest Park
• Five Points (Southside)
• Crestwood
• Avondale
• Crestline Park
• Homewood
• Mountain Brook

With walkable access to culture, cuisine, and rich community amenities, Downtown Birmingham has become an attractive home for empty-nesters and young professionals alike. Downtown Birmingham’s revitalization is on an upward track, which in part is due to real estate. Living closer to work, an array of local eateries, and the nightlife and nearby entertainment venues are more than a few reasons to consider living downtown.



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