Inspired by Black History Month, We Honor our RealtySouth Agents!

Black History Month was first celebrated at Kent State University in 1970, six years before President Gerald Ford officially recognized it in 1976. Since its inception in the United States, Black History Month has helped open up dialogue about the contributions of African Americans to our communities and country. 

Here at RealtySouth, we take this time to reflect and honor all the accomplishments that our black agent community has made. Although we are always cognizant of black contributions, we also use this time to educate all employees and agents about the importance and impact of black history. All in all, we continue to strive to create a workplace culture of unity and solidarity.

We are excited to honor our agents below, some of whom inspire us using their own words:

“After 15 years of working with RealtySouth it was an honor to see how God has opened doors honoring the black culture. I became a Real estate instructor while at RS in 2013 and was the only black person teaching in the company at that time. Now, in 2021 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day became an official company observance day declaring the company closed on this day!” – Joy Everson 

As an African American Realtor in the State of Alabama, thank you Realty South (RTSO) for recognizing “Black History Month.” I am so grateful for the opportunities, professionalism, and realtor support that RTSO has provided me throughout my four-year real estate career.” – Ray Carter 

“I enjoy my career with RTSO, with the option to be paperless, it allows me to spend more time working remotely. In addition, having a Managing Broker that does not sell real estate, and is in the business of being readily available for questions is a stress reliever.” – Lisa Bonds 

“I think it’s a gift and a pleasure to help people find a home. We have the privilege of using our knowledge in the real estate business to help people confidently transfer, buy, and sell potentially one of their biggest assets. I chose RealtySouth because they produce the most proficient agents. The culture and environment are inclusive, and we have an infinite amount of tools for agents and consumers to excel in our market. My inspiration alongside many women is the amazing Cicely Tyson. She has this quote that says, “Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.” As I pursue my real estate career the words from this iconic legend Cicely Tyson continuously encourages me to take on many challenges. Her disposition and words help me to remain confident in myself and my skill. May her legacy live forever. ” – Brianna Dale

“RealtySouth is an industry leader serving our communities with a commitment to customer service, integrity, and excellence. As a realtor, I seek to educate, inspire, and raise awareness of how homeownership plays a vital role in wealth creation. Owning a home is a keystone of wealth…both financial affluence and emotional security. I will continue to be an advocate for democracy in housing, while being a servant to our community.” – Lawrence Barron II 

I have enjoyed 25 years as a member of RealtySouth. The culture has been a family type relationship where everyone was interested in my professional development. I have had full support from my brokers, the President and CEO of the company, the attorneys, and other members of the family of services. A phone call to anyone of them for help is always a positive response.” – Henry Wesley 

“Through my experience, RealtySouth has been a welcoming and dedicated partner in providing access to the latest technology, tools, and training I need to successfully help families discover the place they’ll call home.” – Nicole Brazelton 

“I enjoy being part of a team of individuals who welcomed me with open arms and are willing to answer any of my questions as well as help me with anything I need. I thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere and I am extremely happy I made the decision to be a part of RTSO Downtown.” – Cam Johnson

“I have truly enjoy my time here at RTSO! Everyone has been very supportive and I really do feel like I’m with family!!” – Adrienne Mooney 

“I joined RealtySouth 12 years ago as a new agent in the real estate industry. I chose RealtySouth because of its reputation as the biggest, and best in the industry in Alabama. Among the reasons I have continued with RealtySouth is its commitment to get better at being an inclusive environment valuing me, and all of my clients.” – John Comford, Jr.

“RealtySouth provided me with unwavering support as I embarked on my real estate career. This commitment has continued throughout the uncertainties we’ve faced regarding the economy and the pandemic. Most importantly, the RealtySouth team helped me transform my passion for helping others find their dream home into a fulfilling career that I love.” – Cassie Smith 

“RealtySouth is a great company that promotes diversity and I’m proud to be a part of the team!” – Lisa Hudson 

“I’m proud to be part of a profession and organization like RealtySouth where the clients and communities I serve are diverse, devoted to- and driven by- the American dream of home ownership.  My colleagues and I work hard every day to help keep that dream alive for all.” – Tyrenda Williams-Reed

“RealtySouth Provides the educational tools and opportunities along with innovated ideas. By updating new trends to become successful in the real estate industry.” – Gina Moore 

“I am so excited about my new career at the RealtySouth – Inverness Office! Please contact me and I will be happy to assist you in making your real estate dreams come true!” – Jacqueline Gilchrist

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