7 Reasons to Never Buy or Sell Your Home Alone

Selling or buying your home is likely the biggest financial decision of your entire life, and you will need a licensed real estate agent if you want to do it right. Once you read through the benefits of hiring a top real estate agent, you’ll see they’re worth every cent.

Realtors are Experts 

Buying or selling a home usually requires pages of paperwork, reports, disclosures, legal, and much more. An abundance of paperwork can add up to mistakes. Mistakes can be costly, not just in terms of dollar value but in the law. With a realtor, they have seen all of this before and can recognize a potential problem well in advance and avoid mistakes that can cost their clients both time and money.

Plus, are you wanting to check the MLS for a 4B/2B with an EIK and a W/D? Real estate has its own language, full of acronyms and semi-arcane jargon, and your realtor is trained to speak that language fluently.

They Simplify your Search 

The Internet is awesome. And yes, with online real estate sites, you can find plenty of homes on your own, any time you want you’ll also find inaccurate and outdated information on many sites. Realtors have access to even more listings within minutes of the home hitting the market. Sometimes properties are available but not actively advertised. A realtor can help you find those hidden gems, and in our current market this is critical for buyers!

Not so much of a “Bargain” 

Agents are generally paid in a split commission deal: The sellers pay typically 5% to 7% of the selling price as commission to the listing agent, and the listing agent splits the money with the buyer’s’ agent. 

A buyer’s agent is never going to make your listing a high priority if you don’t offer that agent a commission.  

On average, a for sale by owner home sales for $200,000. The seller will make a $12,000 commission that they will have to split with the buyer’s agent, this only ends up saving the seller $6,000, or 3%.  An agent can net the seller more money because of increasing market exposure and creating a “buzz” in the market.  Trust us, our agents are worth the 3%. 

Negotiations are their Forte 

Any time you buy or sell a home, you’re going to encounter negotiations.

You can expect lots of competition, tactics, all-cash offers, bidding wars and more. You will want a savvy and professional negotiator on your side to seal the best deal for you.

Plus, it’s not just about money. A Realtor will help draw up a purchase agreement that allows enough time for inspections, contingencies, and anything else that’s crucial to your particular needs.

Experts know Experts, and you’ll want access

Realtors make it a mission to know just about everyone who can possibly help you in the process of buying or selling a home. Mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, home stagers, interior designers—the list goes on—and they’re all in your realtor’s network and at your disposal.

Pricing your Home Should Not be a Guesstimate 

Today’s market is like no other. Having a realtor with the insights to see what the current and future state of the market is, is key to making more on your home. Pricing a home should not be a guess. A top agent will use their expertise to help stage and present your home in a way that will increase your chances of selling for top dollar. No online tool can be as accurate as a realtor who personally evaluates homes every day. 

It’s a full-time job 

Selling or buying a home is a full-time job. With selling you have to prep for last-minute showings, vet a slew of interested people to find actual potential buyers, complete the seemingly endless paperwork, market a home and do all the smaller day-to-day tasks that keep your home presentable. This can be exhausting.

For most people, they already have a full-time job and are more than likely moving for a reason, a new baby, a career change, the list goes on and on. For agents, this is it. This is their job, let your RealtySouth agent carry the load. 

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